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House/Small Holding/Animal Care

While You Are Away. I am a reliable, kind and honest person and I am also passionate about Animals with many years experience in caring for a variety!

From collecting your mail, and fowarding it where necessary, answering the phone and taking messages, watering your house plants and garden to feeding the birds and keeping your property clean and tidy,  I would be happy to help!


House & Dog, Cat, Pet, Horse, Animal Sitting.

Prices start from £80 per 24 hour period and are based on the skills and work involved, the type and number of animals.

If you have dog/s, they will be exercised where, when and for the times specified by you.

Any medications will be administered correctly and conditions monitored in case of any deterioration.  Your animals health is my priority and professional help will be sought should it become necessary.

About Stay While You Are Away


Are you thinking of booking a HOLIDAY or have to go AWAY but, do not want to leave your property UNATTENDED? Perhaps you have PETS that need LOVING CARE? I am available to HOUSE SIT and LOVE and CARE for THEM too!

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Keep your most Cherished Pets at home avoiding having to send them away to be looked after.


I Have been in the Live in Care Profession for many years and during this time, I have had the pleasure of looking after pets that some of my clients owned but needed help looking after.


Give customers a reason to do business with you.

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